New Books by Latinx Writers We're Looking Forward to Reading in 2019

This guide is here to give you a rundown of some of the Latinx-authored books dropping in 2019 that you’ll want to check out.

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All My Secrets: One Latinx Woman's Struggle with the Silence Around Mental Health

Depression and anxiety were beating down on me, making every day a battle with my own mind and life a constant dance of maintaining the façade of happiness while harboring constant suicidal thoughts.

I was losing myself to myself, and I was too afraid to tell anyone the truth.

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It's Time to Decolonize That Syllabus

Like many students, I grew up thinking that the most important books were written by white men. I mean, it only makes sense — by the time I finished high school, my teachers had assigned Hemingway, Faulkner and Thoreau so often that the names were synonymous in my mind with great and important writing.

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As A Teacher At A University Where Students Can Carry Guns, Lectures On Race & Gender Can Become Dangerous

"Despite some people’s fears that academia is a place where students are coddled and spoon fed radical ideas, the truth is that the Ivory Tower largely remains an institution dominated by whiteness, from the administration, to the professors to the types of knowledge and material deemed worthy of inclusion. There’s nothing safe nor radical about that, especially for students of color." Read the Article on Fierce by Mitú →

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How I Survived Academia - Part 3

"If I were in charge, all incoming grad students would get a welcome packet that includes pamphlets like “You Belong Here… Or Do You?: An Intro to Imposter Syndrome” and “Depression and Anxiety: Even Your Advisors Have It.” Of course, while grad school is a mindfuck for everyone, for some it’s a lot harder." Read the Article on The Mujerista →

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